Saturday, August 22, 2009

Student Woes

I'm not talking here about the woes of being a student, as classes for me haven't started yet this semester. No, I am instead referring to the woes of having to deal with students. Learning Curves has some funny/disastrous stories about dealing with students who either (1) don't know the rules, or (2) think the rules don't apply to them. Throw in a little (3) professors/advisers who tell the students that the rules don't apply to them, or that the prof. knows how to get around the rules, and you've got a whole lot of crazy going on.

I have spent the past two weeks trying to sort out student registrations. Due to a whole lot of SNAFUs, we have had to cancel and re-create several sections of courses. Naturally, this has throw every student into a freak-out tizzy. Which is compounded by the fact that so many of them seem to have no idea how to check their own freakin' schedule. Which, I do not get. This is supposed to be the millenial generation (with a few older students, but most of them are 35 or younger) that grew up with a computer attached to their forehead. How can they not figure this out on their own?

See, I have limited sympathy because I, too, am a student at this university. I figured it all out, all by myself. I did not call my program's manager to ask what classes I was registered for (check your schedule online!), or where the classes would be meeting (check your schedule online!), or what my financial aid is (check your schedule online! and then click the very next tab that says "financial aid"!). I feel like expecting students to be able to figure these things out is a very reasonable expectation. And yet, I have fielded uncountable calls and emails from helpless students wanting to know where to park--not just how to get a parking pass (you buy it online! I sent out this info TWICE this summer!), but WHERE to park. As in, "Which parking lot is closest to my classes?"

Oh my freakin' god. Are you seriously, SERIOUSLY, calling me to ask which parking lot to use? Did your brain up and die? Because, if it did, you are going to find grad school rather difficult.

Oh yes. GRAD SCHOOL. I work with graduate students. Somehow compounds the whole thing, doesn't it?

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