Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Scary People Out There

Via Historiann...

Scientist and blogger Isis posted recently on a threat she received via email that involved her small daughter. If you needed any more convincing that speaking publicly in any forum, much less a forum where you can't see your audience, is something to be wary of...it reminds me of that quote from Harry Potter along the lines of "Don't trust anything that can think for itself if you can't see where it keeps its brain." I think the blog-equivalent might be, Don't trust an audience you can't see. Sad, isn't it?


In happier news, I am thrilled--ecstatic even--to announce that I am going to be a GRA this year! After applying back in June along with probably every other returning PhD student for what, in this budget times, are probably dwindling GRA spots, I was sure that I wouldn't be selected. But then, I got an interview. With faculty members in the program that I would most like to work with, in one of my future ideal worlds. [Yes, I have multiple future ideal worlds.] They said they'd take a week to decide...but I heard from them yesterday, and was offered the spot! Actually, one of two spots, with an awesome classmate getting the other spot. We'll be doing all sorts of cool stuff around urban education, student agency, all with that lovely social justice-activism bent that is my personal interest. It could not be a better fit, research-interests-wise. AND I will be getting both more money and more free tuition than anticipated. I'm all agog with excitement!

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